Pastor Taiwo has urged believers not to ignore prayers when it is necessary even though God will do what He has purposed to do.

He made this known to the participants at the April 29 Thursday Showers.

Taking his Bible reference from Acts 4:1-17, the cleric also told the worshippers that motives are as good as actions and that every action has its roots in their thoughts.

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“You must have agreed with the devil before you get yourself involved in the act(s) that you have found yourself in,” he said.  “You had a choice to either accept or reject it. There are challenges in life, but God sees everyone through those challenging times.”

Whilst charging the congregation to value what they have, Pastor Taiwo cautioned that anything, on the contrary, would amount to the devaluation of those values and that it would further be abused.

The preacher asked the congregants to cultivate the habit of praising God at all times and see Jesus as the resurrection from death.

“Let the people know that Jesus is alive, let the people know that Jesus is not dead and gone, be the witness in association, thought, speech, and in action,” the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFLOC) added.

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“The world will but notice you because they would see Him ahead. Stay away from unnecessary show-off and be a witness for Jesus. Watch the company you keep, it can make a fool the wisest man living. You can’t be with Jesus and not be bold.”

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