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Pastor Dapo Williams

The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos State, has told it’s members that regardless of the situation they found themselves, they should put a song to it and let God glorify Himself.

The suggestion came through Pastor Dapo Williams, during the January 28, 2021, Thursday Showers, which held at the Church’s main auditorium.

Apparently speaking on the topic, ‘Put a song to it’, Pastor Williams, who took his bible reference from Psalm 137:1-4, II Chronicles 20:22, Isiah 54:1, Job 38:7, and Amos 5:23, revealed that there are fifteen (15) songs that goes directly to heaven, just as he described same as spiritual.

The clergy further hinted the worshippers that when God’s children sings, it distabilises the kingdom of darkness.

Pastor William said, “You want to see the supernatural naturally, and the natural supernaturally, sing a song, put a song to that challenge. When you sing the Lord’s song, ventilation comes into your heart, you feel robust from inside, the things you call trouble will loose their authority to be able to manipulate your mind.”

The clergy also admonished Fountaineers to turn their challenges into a song, adding that when God demonstrates His power, they should just look around, and find a song.

According to him, “Deliverance comes through a song, fear cannot sing. Once you overcome fear, you will receive your blessings, and God will ambush those who are doing everything to come against praise.

“When you are singing, you can provoke something to be released into the enemy’s camp.”

Pastor Williams also insisted that, “If you want God to fight, invite Him through a song.”

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