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May 27 is a special day all over the world. It is a day set aside to celebrate children. This is why the May 23 Sunday service at The Fountain of Life Church was a special dedication to the children in commemorating Children’s Day.

The service, which was anchored by the children’s department of the church, was indeed unusual.

Oluwadamilola Jacobs, who delivered the message at the first service, spoke from Obadiah 1:17. She noted that deliverance is for the house of Jacob, adding that this house of Jacob means the children of God.

According to her, “Possessing one’s possessions comes either by inheritance or by earning it; noting that God owns everything and because they belong to Jesus, they have the right to the inheritance in Christ.

“God does not have to die for you to get His inheritance. You already have it because the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is inside of you.”

Oluwadamilola Jacobs further cited Psalm 37:25 to tell the congregation that believers have the righteousness of Christ in them, so they cannot be forsaken. “You will never beg because you are the righteousness of God; because you are the child of the King of kings,” she noted.

She then urged the congregation to rise up and not allow anything from the devil to stop them from possessing their possessions.

“By divine arrangement, you are on the throne with Christ Jesus, so you have possession of everything that comes along with being on the throne,” she admonished.