Speaking from 2 Samuel 5:17-21, Pastor Areogun at the July 18 Sunday first service emphasized the importance of intimacy with God.

According to him, believers can only succeed and overcome battles of life by having an intimate relationship with God; noting that intimacy allows a believer to know the mind of God over an issue.

“Having someone powerful by the side in times of battles gives one the comfort and assurance of victory. Your intimacy with God will give you the precise instructions on how to navigate life,” he said.

The cleric further mentioned that believers’ reactions and actions in times of challenges will determine their outcome.

“Do you always go to your friends or God in times of trouble? A problem remains a problem until you hear the anointed word on the problems,” he added.

Using David who would always ask God before engaging in any battles as an example, pastor Areogun noted that when believers develop intimacy with God, they get anointed instructions and advanced information which will make them overcome their challenges or enemies just like David always did.

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“Get back into the basis of private relationship with God. There are pressures all over the world, only intimacy with God will give you your precise instructions which will bring you victory. Being born again will give you general access to God but doesn’t give you intimacy with God. You have to pay the price of intimacy with God,” the pastor said.

He urged them from Exodus 24:12 and Ecclesiastes 8:3 to be willing to pay the price of separation and spend time with God over issues of life as that will save them from trial and error lifestyle.

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“You have to pay the price of intimacy with God. This is where you will receive precise instructions for life,” he urged.