Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has urged believers to invest their lives in understanding their covenant right in God and be bold to manifest it.

In so doing, they will be able to do great exploits as promised in Daniel 11:32b. He said this at the October anointing service which held online on Wednesday, October 7.

According to him, believers who truly know their God and understand their covenant right in Him are those that will do great exploits.

Using the account of Jabez’s experience and prayers recorded in 1 Chronicles 4:9-11 as an illustration, Pastor Taiwo further stated that when believers understand their covenant right in God, they will experience great exploits just as Jabez experienced when he understood his right and prayed to God.

“You really don’t know God until you know Him in a covenant way,” he noted.

Doing exploits for these believers, according to him, means that they would be able to resist the devil effectively, defeat him and then prosper. These exploits, he noted, would happen by their confession, both about themselves and their situations.

“Nothing can stop a covenant child of God. Once you know Him, nothing will be able to stop your exploits,” he declared.

He also urged believers from Isaiah 59:31 and Matthew 12:33-34 to stand bold on their covenant right in God and confront their challenges, noting that dwelling in self-pity and being terrorized by circumstances will cloud their eyes from seeing hope in life.

This, according to him, will not make them have the promised exploits.

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“No matter how trying the times maybe, your exploit is guaranteed if you can be bold to declare it. Out of the abundance of your heart, you will speak,” he said.

He encouraged believers to spend more time knowing God through the Word.

In his words, “when you invest your life knowing God, you are investing your life for a great exploit.”

Reported by Becky Olorunpomi