Barely a month after the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, lost his wife, his twin sister, Mrs Kehinde Oluwafunmilayo Hassan, popularly known as Sister Kenny, went to be with the Lord after a brief illness.

A funeral service was held in her honour on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, at the Church’s premises. The service witnessed a series of emotional hymnals, tributes and testimonies of the deceased.

Families, friends and everyone who had one connection or the other with Sister Kenny testified that she lived well and touched the lives of all those she encountered positively.

Pastor Babatunde Ladipo, who gave the words of exhortation at the funeral, noted that death is inevitable for all humans even though it brings grief to the family of the departed.

He further noted that God always has a way of comforting His children whenever they lose any member of their families.

The clergyman said: “Death is an intruder, but it is a part of our existence. Therefore, that you are living is evidence that you will die someday.

“Even though it brings grief because it is a moment of loss and a few questions would be in the hearts of the bereaved, God always knows how to answer the questions.”

The cleric referred to Proverbs 12:28, Acts 9:12, John 12:16, Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 10:2, and Hebrew 12:1 to emphasise why believers should live intentionally and deliberately.

Pastor Babatunde Ladipo said that eternal life is accessed through death until the rapture. In his words, “Death introduces fear to the unbelievers and brings worry and confusion. However, to Christians, death is the entry to another life. Death is the transition to heaven and departure from this world.”

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The preacher charged the congregation to take courage in the hope that the deceased had gone to be with the Lord, having walked in God’s way while alive.

“Our sister is in the cloud in heaven now; she no longer sees with the mundane eyes but through the eyes of faith and God. So, let us also live a godly life, so we can someday join her there,” he admonished.

The clergyman concluded his message by committing the children and families of the departed into God’s comfort and strength.

On his part, Pastor Akin Osinbajo, while praying for the children and family of the deceased, revealed that Sister Kenny was an amazing person, sharing a few experiences.

He equally encouraged the children to trust in God and rely on His Word for strength, counsel and guidance – virtues they enjoyed from their mother.

The deceased’s only son, Mr Seun Hassan, gave the vote of thanks, after which family members alone went for the interment.

Reported by Becky Olorunpomi