God’s presence was tangible during the September 29 Thursday Showers service as renowned singer Bob Fitts led the congregation in rounds of worship.

The worship session lasted for over an hour, with the Founder of the Alabaster Ministries rendering different songs.

While addressing the worshippers on releasing their hearts to God, the song and worship minister urged them to allow God to flow into the world through them.

“The Fountain isn’t coming from among you; the Fountain is coming from God and is pouring all over you now as you stand in His presence,” he said to the congregation at The Fountain of Life Church headquarters, Ilupeju, Lagos.

The minister encouraged the worshippers to be bold in telling others about God, noting that they should be specific about His goodness.

Confessing his love for Nigeria, the minister sang his song, “Glory, glory Lord… We give you glory, Lord…” in the three major Nigerian languages (Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa).

During his ministration, Minister Bob Fitts made an altar call for those who would like God’s healing to rest on them and, through worship, led them into a prophetic worship session.

In sharing a personal experience of how God uses seeming failures to later bring answers to His children, Fitts urged the worshippers to rest in God’s love because it will never fail them.

“You’ve already won,” he said.

The singer, who has been leading worship songs in live performance and recording since the 1980s, also led the congregation in singing some of his best songs: You are Holy; I Stand in Awe of You; Blessed assurance; Glory, glory, Lord; Hail, Jesus, you’re my King; As We Worship in Your Presence; He Will Come and Save You; You Are Everything That I Need; Jesus, Lamb of God; and Blessed be the Lord, God Almighty.

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