You can’t interpret who you are if you don’t bring into focus the following: time, space, and matter. These three are so important in the classification of divinity.

These were the words of Pastor Kunle Sorinyan at the Day 5 morning session of the 2024 Word Explosion Conference.

Speaking for the second time at the conference, PK, as he is fondly called by most Fountaineers, spoke on another topic which he titled, the weight of time.

In this session, the minister of God identified time in two perspectives – Deep Time and Bended Time, which he said can be lived and operated in by Christians who allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to them their enigmatic nature/ability.

He first of all defined Deep Time as where God lives and also as one having the ability to express dimensions beyond the limit of their prevailing physical condition. While Bended time, he said, is how God works and the ability of man to be able to see a thing or person(s) in the past, present and future. He emphasised that when a person operates in bended time, they will not be carried away with the materialism of life.

“Because you are made in God’s image and likeness, you are designed to live in deep time and function in bended time.”

He then went ahead to speak on the need for believers not to let their present condition be limited by time and the desire for long life. He said that the credibility of existence is superior to the longevity of it, citing that if long life were a testimony, Jesus who lived just 33 years on earth was an embarrassment.

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“The testimony of life and urgency of the spirit transcends our earthly pursuits and desire for longevity on earth,” he said.

He said this to encourage his listeners not to fear death because, death, though a constant, is not the opposite of life. The opposite of life, he said is purposelessness. The reason why many are afraid to die is because they don’t know what awaits them at the other side after they cross. And anyone who is not sure of what awaits them at the other side after death, does not know the Custodian of that realm- the Custodian being God.

He is summarising his message, he told his listeners that it is the duty of man to use their free mind beyond time to see the dreams God gives them and have the courage to give it residency in their lives.

Also, he noted that the first step toward one’s dream is belief, and not capital as assumed by many.

“When you believe, everything comes together to work for you,” he said giving credence to the scripture in Mark 9:23.