The Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, Jimmy Odukoya, ministered during the Sunday service, signaling the final session of the week-long activities marking this year’s Word Explosion Conference (WEC 2024).

In his message titled “Fire – The Answer to Opinions”, he read from 1 Kings 18: 19 – 41, expressly informing the Congregation that God is a King and that every king must necessarily have a Kingdom. Referencing Psalm 24:1 – 5, he affirmed that the whole earth belongs to God as His domain and, by extension, kingdom.

He advocated that everything is about the Kingdom of God, reading from Matthew 4:23 and Matthew 6:9 – 10. According to him and backing this up with Matthew 6:33, God’s agenda is to propagate His Heavenly Kingdom here on earth. Quoting from 1 Corinthians 4:20, he restressed the significance and the nature of the Kingdom of God.

Having established these foundations about the Kingdom of God, Pastor Jimmy stated that there are many powerless churches all over the place. These churches are full of talk but empty of power, pointing out that while talk is cheap, power, he highlighted, is expensive.

Continuing his teaching, he explained that the domain of any king extends beyond his palace. Depending on the magnitude of that extension, ambassadors are appointed to manage the affairs of the kingdom on behalf of the king. Once the ambassador is somewhere, it is assumed that the king is there.

Reading from John 17:14, the Minister called the attention of the Congregation to the reality of where they came from, declaring that “we are here to represent God and to ensure that His agenda is orderlcarried out.”

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Disorders, according to him, cause the appointment of ambassadors for rectification.

He charged that it is important to exhibit the right attitude and character in the face of disorders to be qualified as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom. Referencing the first mention of Elijah in 1 Kings 17:1, he declared that knowing one’s status and standing in God define the authority with which his ambassadorial duties are carried out.

Inter alia, he stated that “sometimes, the reminder of who you are is stronger than the rebuke of who you are not.” The Minister declared that his agenda for the service is to remind every child of God who he/she is while reading from Matthew 28:14 to highlight the great privilege of being a Christian.

Revealing that idolatry, through the worship of Baal, was the reason why God shut up the Heavens from raining over Israel, he articulated that the declarations of Elijah concerning the realities of those days were a form of power play in demonstrating the sovereignty of Jehovah over His people. He admonished that it is important that each one makes himself available as an ambassador to be used by God in the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

Disorders, according to the Minister, represent opportunities to demonstrate the power of God and thereby do the impossible that will cause men to be turned to God in submission and acknowledgment. He restated that the whole world is waiting for the full manifestation of the sons of God and therefore implored that all should be motivated to stand in line to be counted as worthy.

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Earlier in the service, Pastor Tolu Odukoya had shared the Promise of the Week with the Congregation, reading from John 15:5 and emphasizing the importance of remaining with consciousness of purpose in God. She reiterated that when God says to remain, it must be seen as a command that should be totally complied with. She assured the worshippers that as they remain in obedience with the command, great things are set to happen in their lives.