Pastor Nomthi’s words of exhortation to the congregation at the April 21 Sunday service were from Isaiah 60:10-11, which is the promise for the week. According to Pastor Nomthi, there will be breakthroughs with ease and without the need to struggle if God’s children would keep the doors, which He has set before them, open.

Using as an example the story of a selfish giant with big fruit trees in his compound who decided to build a wall to prevent children from coming in to eat the fruits and ended up being shut out from everyone and depressed, Pastor Nomthi said that believers should not cut off everyone who disappoints them but to give some people a second chance. “Keep your doors open; the blood of Jesus is the wall which protects you,” she said.

She urged the congregation to follow the example of Solomon who did not work too hard but applied wisdom and was blessed by God.

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