Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has insisted and admonished his listeners to be filled with the Holy Spirit constantly.

According to him, man was created for God’s habitation, and He desires to do much more than live in them; He desires to work through them.

“The Holy Ghost in the lives of believers is not sedentary or just established in them. He moves through their beings. He created you for Him,” he said.

Speaking from Ephesians 5:18; 3:14–16, during the March 12 Sunday service, the clergy noted that the Holy Spirit takes care of anything in the lives of believers that contradicts God’s purpose for them.

He said, “He will make you strong for the journey and establish you. The Holy Spirit deals with anything against strength, confidence, and establishment in every aspect of life. All you need to do is know who and whose you are.”

Pastor Taiwo also explained that the Holy Spirit helps believers become one with God, making it easy for them to love.

“The characteristics of Jesus Christ will be rooted in you, and you will be filled with love,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo further argued that believers can get filled with the fullness of God through the help of the Holy Spirit, as recorded in Ephesians 3:15–19, adding that: “The more of Him you have, the more yielded to His Spirit you become. You don’t have to force it.”

He, therefore, urged the church to allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through them.

Also, in the service, Pastor Babatunde Ladipo, while sharing the promise for the week taken from Isaiah 41:10, said that fear is a weapon from the pit of hell that the devil uses against the children of God.

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This is why, according to him, fear is a natural response of the average man. “Fear has torment and keeps you busy without doing anything,” he maintained.

Pastor Babatunde Ladipo, therefore, admonished the congregation not to fear but to fight fear by speaking and declaring God’s words.

He said: “You are a covenant child of God, and so you have what it takes to defeat fear. So, let the devil know he cannot mess around with you. Declare the Word of God boldly.”