God is not the author of confusion or abnormalities. He does not promise and not fulfil it. So when it is time for your miracle to come, He will make sure it comes to pass. He will not start it and abort it. He will make sure it reaches the stage of completion. These were the words of Pastor Nomthi at the June 27 Thursday Showers service while encouraging worshippers to trust God.

Speaking from Isaiah 66:9, she said that no matter how long they had waited on God for a miracle, they should keep trusting Him for the fulfillment because He is always on time and never fails. “You might have been waiting for a while but don’t lose hope. Keep trusting because God will bring it to pass even though it tarries. You may not know when the time would be, but it will surely come to pass,” she stated.

Pastor Nomthi, at the June 30 Family Sunday service, started with a recap of the programme held the previous day for teens and advised parents to be closer to their children and teach them the fear and ways of the Lord.

Speaking from Psalm 128:1-2 which is the promise for the week, she enumerated the blessings that come with the fear of the Lord. “It’s not a common blessing but a special blessing for those who follow and fear the Lord. You will be happy and enjoy the fruit of your labour,” she noted.

She urged parents to be proactive on issues that affect their children. “There are so many things competing for these children’s attention and if God has chosen us, we need to teach and nurture them so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labour and be happy,” she urged.

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