Iboro and Tonye Edet celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary recently. The lively and fun couple admitted that they have come this far by the mercy and grace of God.

When asked how married life has been for them, Tonye states that it has been quite interesting and a great learning experience. Have they gone without their own fair share of challenges? No, Iboro admits. But she reveals that through each challenge and trying time, they always scale through because they encourage each other all the way. She recalls that it has been fun and they relish every moment of the good times together because each moment counts.

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Mr and Mrs Tonye Edet reveal that The Fountain of Life Church has made a tremendous impact on their marriage, as they have learnt love, mutual respect, submission, and forgiveness. They also noted that the church has taught them the importance of honouring their vows and helping each other in every area of their calling.

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They advised other couples in The Fountain of Life Church to keep things simple and enjoy their marriage. “Your first and most important ministry is your marriage. It is the foundation of the family. If this foundation is faulty, the entire family (children inclusive) will suffer. Ensure your marriage is built on rock solid foundation being Jesus Christ. Do all you can to protect, defend and improve this ministry emotionally, spiritually, physically and otherwise. This is the garden God has given you to tend and keep. Do it well”.