It was a glorious session of praise and worship at the August 15 Thursday Showers Service as Showerians were led in several praise and worship sessions in the course of the service. In her message for the day, Pastor Tinu Olashore said that God desires the worship of His children, adding that the prerequisite for true worship is to worship Him in the spirit. “God created you to give Him pleasure. The secret to a victorious and successful life is to give God pleasure,” she said.

Taking her texts from the Books of Revelation 4: 9-11, Jeremiah 1:12 and Isaiah 43:7, Pastor Tinu noted that believers should always reflect on and remember God’s words and promises and then give Him praise by faith knowing that God will deliver on His promises. “Your reality is in the unseen God, and His presence is able to melt all pains and disappointments. Praise Him when it is not even convenient and see how things work together for your good,” she encouraged those in attendance. Pastor Tinu also took time to caution against murmuring to God or fighting Him over unanswered prayers which will only end in futility and frustration because it doesn’t change who He is.

Pastor Tinu, therefore, urged them to always stand on God’s words, stop lip services and reveal God’s glory. “God expects His children to always look up. This will not allow you sink into the devil’s trouble. And when your life gives Him pleasure and glorifies Him, whatever you ask, He will give you,” she urged.