Sharing from Mark 4:35, Pastor Taiwo explained to the worshippers at the November 7 Thursday Showers service that there is never stagnation in God’s Kingdom, noting that there is always a crossing over until maturity is attained. “As a child of God, your life is a continuous process. Increase is part of your DNA,” he noted.

Dwelling on Genesis 1:1-28, he said that believers’ lives would always be very good because that is the promise of God to them. This, he said, becomes their reality when they constantly renew their mind with God’s Word and speak what He has spoken concerning them. “There is no seeing without saying; you will see His blessing when you speak it. God’s Word is a seed, and it is planted when we speak it over our lives and situations.”

Pastor Taiwo also encouraged them from Proverbs 18:21 to always be conscious of God’s words and promises over their lives and situations and declare them. In his words, “No devil can truncate your destiny. The Lord has given you dominion; your word cannot be questioned by any creature once you walk in this dominion. You cannot be stopped or condemned by anybody’s words except you keep quiet.”

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