I have been attending Thursday Showers for over a decade now, and I’ve been a member of The Fountain of Life Church since 2005. My cousin brought me for Singles and Married Fellowship back then, and when I moved from Surulere to Onipanu, another very good friend of mine invited me for Showers and I enjoyed it the first day, so I started coming for Showers.

I consider Thursday Showers a bumper package and every aspect of the programme is actually very impactful and highly inspirational. I love the worship and I have fallen in love with the ministration of Pastor Nomthi, and I appreciate Pastor Taiwo always. His messages are always soul-lifting and encouraging.

The Holy Communion, testimonies and every other aspect of the service are very important as they help one to further have faith and hope in God. I’m glad I’m a Showerian.

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