While exhorting the worshippers at the December 31 Thursday Showers from 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 and Job 19:25, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya said that the pandemic that rocked the year 2020 is light afflictions compared to the miraculous things God would do in the lives of His children.

She said, “We do not walk according to what we see but what we know. God will be the last man standing. This affliction will go and believers will have glorious testimonies. We are not losing heart or giving up.”

She further encouraged them never to allow the enemy distract them with threats but to stand on the promise of God to them, noting that they would sing the victorious song He has put in their mouths.

“We are not confused about what is going on because we know that Jehovah has the final say. All might seems to have failed around but know that God lives and He is still working miracles and He will do a miracle in your life,” she noted.

She then encouraged them to silence the devil with their praise. “Only believe the word of God and speak life upon your life. The devil will not speak in my situation. I will speak,” she declared.