First of all, I want to bless God for the salvation of my soul. I was formerly a Muslim, but today He found me and I am in His presence, and God has been wonderful. It has not been a butter and bread journey, but God has always been there.

Secondly, there is this sister of mine that had been waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb for so many years. She had many miscarriages and myself and some other brethren have been standing in the gap for her. We would come to Thursday Showers, pick promises and use God’s word to pray on her behalf.

I want to thank God because God gave her double for her shame and trouble. In June, she had twins; a boy, and a girl. In fact, her pregnancy was a surprise to many. When I spoke with her, she said that she had been starring at the babies, wondering if they truly came out from her. I want to bless God for His faithfulness. We are so overwhelmed with gratitude.

Another reason I am giving thanks to God for His faithfulness is because of how he came through for me job-wise. I lost my job about nine years ago and it was not easy trying to survive. I used that period in my life to attend Thursday Showers. I would pick promises of restorations and I kept trusting God. Sometimes, I would come for Showers and just weep while people were praising God; thinking if there’s any point praising God after I was laid off at a place I worked for nine years without any payment.

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God heard my cry and has given me a job. Even though I have not resumed, I have been paid salary for the past five months. And even now, I have received several other job offers. It’s so overwhelming.

Lastly, several years ago, I was diagnosed with an ailment that the doctors said could only be managed and not cured. But I believed God could heal me. One day, about a year ago, I was about taking my drugs when I heard a voice saying, “I thought you said you believed me. Why not drop the drugs and let’s see if it’s the drug that has been sustaining you?” It’s been over a year now since I took the drugs and I have not seen any symptoms of the ailment again. Praise God!