I got married as a virgin in 2009 to my husband, who is also a Christian. Prior to our wedding, I discovered that he was HIV positive and I wanted to call off the wedding. However, after seeking the face of God, I heard a word from God in John 15:13 that says, “Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down his life for his friends.”

I was upset about this word, as I wondered if that was the best God could do for me after being faithful and keeping myself pure. I decided to disregard the word, but I had no peace. Finally, I went ahead with the wedding and then I had peace. When we went for counselling before the wedding, we were told that even the HIV was almost undetectable, we were advised not to have unprotected sex and that when we were ready for children, there were different options which were considered safe and had the least risk of infection for both the mother and the foetus. We could use artificial insemination in which doctors will first have to wash the sperm to make sure it’s not infected or IVF, both of which cost money. So, we decided we would not have kids until we could afford these procedures.

I want to appreciate Pastor and all the pastors at The Fountain of Life Church; we should never take for granted any promise we receive from God’s anointed. We decided to wait on God, trusting and believing in His Word because we could not exactly ask anyone to pray along with us because of the way HIV is perceived.

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In 2010, our Year of Divine Abundance, I picked Psalm 92:12-15 as my promise for the year, and my husband picked John 11:40. We held unto these and confessed these Scriptures. God obviously had a better plan for us. Somehow, in a way that I cannot exactly explain, I became pregnant naturally within six months of my marriage without even trying or expecting it, because we always used protection. Today, I am a joyful mother of two. I had my first baby boy in 2010 and a girl in 2012. From the results of my test and those of my kids, we have no trace of the HIV virus. I want to thank God for my priceless bundles of joy and the joy of being a mother. Praise God!