What Every Woman Wants

Ability to Shoulder Responsibilities

A woman wants a man who can take charge. She won’t try to lead the relationship unless the man fails to do so. She wants a man who is the superintendent in the home, a provider for the family and a dad for her children. She wants someone who can take responsibility for his actions, a real man who is dependable and trustworthy. She wants her husband to be the priest, prophet and king at all times.

Someone Who Makes Time for Her

She doesn’t want a man who is married to his job, who is too tired to do anything when he gets home. Women feel loved and appreciated when their husbands spend quality time with them.

 Someone to Communicate With

Women appreciate gifts such as jewelry, clothes and perfume, but what they appreciate even more are men with whom they can communicate, with whom they can share their fears and emotions. Women want men who will praise them, pamper them and cherish them.


Women want men who will be committed to them forever; men who won’t commit adultery, who can be trusted with other women.

What Mr Right Is Looking For

Motivation, Respect and Humility

Men want women who believe in them and who motivate them. They are put off by women who disrespect others, and may perceive women who appear arrogant as ungovernable. They are more attracted to and at home with women who show humility.

 Service, Kindness and Hospitality

Men love women who can run the household when they’re not there. They know kind, hospitable women will get along well with their relatives, and will be able to look after their extended family.

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 Tolerance, Submission and Godliness

Men are cautious of women who constantly seem irritable. They prefer women who give them the opportunity to lead, and who do not compete with them incessantly. A meek and gentle attitude is a great asset for any woman. Revealing clothing and an indecent lifestyle will not attract the right type of man. No godly man wants a woman who is untoward.

 Competence and Lack of Pretence

Men like women who are goal-driven and competent in their field. Men who are looking for wives will avoid women whom they perceive as ‘fake’. They want women who are comfortable with themselves, but who can adapt to changes.

Excerpt from How to choose a life partner – 165 Questions To Ask by Pastor Bimbo Odukoya