The testimony you are about to read is a reminder that Satan, the enemy of our soul seeks to steal, kill and destroy us; but Jesus Christ has come to give us life in abundance. All we need is to hold on to His Word, His promises and remain steadfast in the place of prayer and intercession. 

Early in 2018, I mentioned to my HOD that I had been asked to do a surgery. I shared my fears with her because I had gone for the same surgery before. On Sunday the 30th of September I told her that a date had been picked for the surgery and she declared Hebrews 11:11 over me. One of our pastors also prayed with using Psalm 46, and another prayed with me declaring that angels will be in the operating room with me. With all these words and prayers, I went for the surgery on the 2nd of October.

I was told that the surgery would take about 3 hours and that I would be home by the third day, as is the standard practice. I went into the theater about 4pm and I didn’t get out till about midnight. All the while my mother was almost losing her mind. She kept roaming the hospital grounds.

After the surgery, I asked the doctors why the surgery took that long. They said that when they opened me up there was a lot of scar tissue from my previous surgery which made my organs stick together; and in the process of sorting out my inner organs, there was a tear to my colon. My doctor mentioned that the general surgeon had to practically bring out my intestines, clean them, repair the tear and set them back inside. In the process I lost so much blood and I had to be transfused with about 7 pints of blood.

The days after the procedure seemed like forever, but I remember saying to myself it will end one day. On the 6th of October as I lay on the hospital bed with various tubes running through my stomach and veins, I closed my eyes for a brief instant then I heard a very loud trumpet sound and another one in quick succession. Then I saw myself being raised high up in the sky with such speed I can scarcely explain it. As I was being lifted, I felt so much pain from the intravenous lines in my veins I began to think to myself when the pain would stop? As soon as I had the thought, I heard a voice saying to me, once you have gone past this level you won’t feel the pain any more. True to those words I moved to a higher level and then I stopped feeling the pain.

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The higher I soared the happier I was, I saw a lot of people up there as well. The speed was greater than the first flight and I was without pain. As I flew away, I heard a voice preaching in the air to me, my heart rejoiced as I recognized the voice as Pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s voice. Then I saw myself flying over the gallery of the main auditorium of The Fountain of Life Church. Suddenly the voice said to me, “Now you have to go through this level, then you will be okay”. The place this voice spoke about was like the valley of the shadow of death, as I flew over it, I saw dead and decomposing bodies in the ditch. I saw people being sucked in.

After flying about half the length of the ‘valley’, I felt myself going down; I was in a state of panic. Then I remembered Kenneth Hagin and what I had read about his out of body experience. Immediately I started begging God for mercy.

Suddenly I felt a hand lift me. I looked up and saw that it was Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. He was wearing a grey suit with a collar. Then he began to pray with so much vigor and tenacity and as he prayed, I was lifted higher and further out of the pit until I was completely out of the pit. Then he set me on level ground and went away. I can’t explain the joy and gratitude that I felt. In an instant two very huge men came to lead me away and I followed after them happily. As we went further on, I said to them, “please wait my mother is in the hospital, I have to go back to her.” Without a word they navigated me to the hospital bed.

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I woke up in the hospital alarmed and so scared. I told my mum what had happened and she called my HOD but it was quite late in the evening and they couldn’t make it down at that time. However, my HOD called one of our pastors who happened to be nearby and he came over to pray with me that night.

I am grateful to God that they showed up because that night being my fifth day at the hospital, I developed a fever, my blood pressure rose and suddenly I was being transfused with an additional 2 pints of blood making 9 pints since I got to the hospital.

The next day, Sunday the 7th of October, my HOD and her husband visited me yet again and this time they brought the CD of the first service. As I listened to the message the next day, I heard pastor preach from Ephesians chapter 1 with emphasis on verses 17-20. He went on to say, “He didn’t just raise Him from the dead, He lifted him. I declare in the name of Jesus be lifted! Let me say it again, I declare in the name of Jesus be lifted! According to your status now in Christ Jesus be lifted up!” He said emphatically, “I know what I’m doing, according to your status in Christ Jesus I say be lifted; above sickness, above fear, above poverty, above nakedness, above stagnation, above sin, above death, above every lie of the devil. I say be lifted!”

As I lay down on the hospital bed, my heart began to bless Pastor Taiwo. I appreciated the privilege of association, I felt the love of the Father in him. My spirit sucked in these declarations and I felt God heal my emotions and even my body began to respond instantly. By the following day the tubes in my stomach were being removed and I was allowed to eat proper food. The following Thursday, ten days after checking into the hospital, I was discharged. I am most grateful to God that I am alive and I am also very excited about my future. I learnt during this experience that when Pastor says I am praying for you, he really is praying for you. I came face to face with death and I experienced the power of his prayers. I am more confident now than ever before that wherever God has planted us there is sufficient nutrients for us to grow there if only we calm down and grow. I am grateful to God for my mum, she practically put her life on hold to take care of me. My siblings had a prayer chain and they interceded on my behalf every day until I was discharged. Thank you so much Pastor Taiwo, Sir, God bless you for the sacrifices.

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To the God of second chance, the faithful God, to the one that keeps covenants and blessings to a thousand generations, to my Great Deliverer, my God, the only wise God, be praise forever and ever, Amen.

– Testimony by Mrs Majekodunmi