With gratitude to God, I give this testimony to thank God immensely for my third son, Ena Oru. I had testified twice about his finishing school and his licensing exams (steps one and two). Last month he did the final step of his licensing exam and he passed. The amazing thing is not just him passing; he was supposed to do step three after his residency, but he beat the gun again and did it before his residency.

I want to thank God because he is 23 years old today and this is his first time of coming back home after five years. God has been so merciful. He always said to me that God journeyed with him. And truly, God has really journeyed with him all through. I picked up Communion for him each time he was writing the exam which stretches over a period of two days and nine hours. It has been awesome.

The day the result came, I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t even know what to say until I started singing “Oloore mi” (my benefactor), and God has truly been my benefactor. He has been wonderful and merciful to me. I just thank God for everything He has done.

Sister Oru

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