Thursday Showers is usually a place where I come to express my gratitude to God for all He has done for me, things that my mouth cannot fully describe. I have seen God’s hands in my life, career, and that of my family and friends. Through Showers, I have been able to invite souls to Christ, especially my fellow students.

I thank God for the opportunity to love and serve Him through praise and worship, even in moments of depression. And I have overcome many battles through the ministrations at Thursday Showers.

Ever since I have been attending the programme, I have never been tired of the praise and worship session. I also consider the communion very important because it brings me back to life, especially when I am physically weak.

Pastor’s messages gladden my heart and each time I pick a promise at Thursday Showers, I feel happier and better because when I read the passages of those promises, I become fulfilled, as they come to pass in my life.

Thursday Showers is the best place to be to benefit from God’s goodness.

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