Thursday Showers has encouraged me and taught me how to worship God genuinely. You get refreshed when you attend Thursday Showers. Every session is a blessing, especially the communion session.

I remember I once had a sore in my mouth. Although, I had taken some antibiotics, I stopped because I did not like the aftermath odour it was giving my mouth. It got to a stage I couldn’t open my mouth because of the pain. I came for Thursday Showers, took the communion and poured the wine on the other side of my mouth because I could not open the side that was paining me. But the wine mistakenly went to the aching side, and I felt a kind of sensation. Immediately afterward, I got my healing.

That incident encourages me to come for Thursday Showers. I started attending since 2006 and I have not stopped and cannot stop coming. Even if I am out of the country, I will go online. More grace on Pastor Taiwo and all the pastors.


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