Using the account of Abiathar’s experience as recorded in 1 Samuel 23:6-9 as illustration, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya admonished the worshipers at the January 2 Thursday Showers, which was the first in the year 2020, to always hold on to God irrespective of their situation just as Abiathar held on to the ephod which symbolizes the word and presence of God even when he had lost all his family members (I Sam 20).

In her words, “You shouldn’t give up on God in 2020, no matter what happened to you in 2019. Don’t depart from His presence. Take His word with you in 2020. Everything you seemingly lost in 2019 is a proof that God will do a new thing for you in 2020 and make people sing your new song with you.”

Pastor Nomthi further implored them not to wallow in self-pity but to continue to serve God, being an instrument in His hand and holding onto His word and promises.

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