The first Thursday showers/anointing service in 2020 witnessed intense celebrations and rejoicing from the worshippers. The event which happened on January 2 had the auditorium of The Fountain of Life Church full to capacity with numerous awesome testimonies by members in appreciation of God’s faithfulness and miraculous interventions

Pastor Taiwo in his message for the day said that God’s anointing on a believer comes with the power of the Holy Spirit for an assignment, noting that the two are inseparable. Speaking from Acts 10:38 and Luke 4:18, he said that the evidence of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in a believer is undeniable because it destroys yoke and meet needs. “The Anointing is the presence of God and His presence in a believer’s life will sack any devil,” he noted.

He also cited Isaiah 10:27 and 45:1-3 to saying that the only antidote to frustration is having consciousness of the Holy Spirit. This, he said, will destroy anything and anyone that wants to destroy such a believer as well as strengthen him or her with wisdom to intimidate his or her enemies.

He urged them to seek God’s Spirit because it guarantees His presence and anointing in their lives. “The best thing God would expect you to pursue in any area of your life and profession is the Spirit of God,” he urged.