It wasn’t just a coincidence that the first Discovery for Women Rally of The Fountain of Life Church took place on Sunday, March 8, 2020, which was International Women’s Day.

It was a divine orchestration to make women understand and take their place in the world as the theme of the event stated.

eben songdiscovery-for-women

From the praise and worship session to the special song ministration by Emmanuel Benjamin, popularly known as Eben, to Pastor’s Nomthi’s special way of welcoming guests and encouraging the women, the event was indeed a discovery moment for women from all walks of life.

discovery for women 2020 first rally discovery for women discovery for women 2020 discovery-for-women

In her short admonition to the women, Pastor Nomthi said that one of the ways for women to take their place is on their knees.

According to her, when women pray, something happens, stating that the Lord is set to do a great thing by raising and reviving their lives as well as the nation when women know and take their place.

“When women pray something happens. You can change your world with your words,” she said.

pastor nomthi

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya ministering at the event.

Pastor Taiwo, in his message for the day, told the women that the Holy Spirit of God in them makes them stand to take their place; noting that there is always a  place for God’s children including women and their understanding of what their assignment is with the passion they have in fulfilling that assignment will take them to that place designed for them.

According to him, women are great helpers but the lack of this knowledge would confuse them and make them pursue emptiness.

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“Before you can be a helper,” he said, “there must be something extraordinary you are bringing to the equation.

“Your place is the place of help so you don’t need permission from any man take your place.”

Speaking from 1 Samuel 2:1- 8, Isaiah 11:1-3 and Romans 8:11, he said that the deposit of the anointing in them will quicken, strengthen, empower and prepare them for everything they need for the fulfillment of their assignment in life.

He, therefore, urged the women not to be despondent about their current situations but to look inward and discover their place and take it.

There is a place for you. So relax, rejoice because your turnaround has come.

“Your passion will take you to your place,” he added.