Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has assured believers that God is not unjust not to recompense their faithful and sacrificial services unto Him in various capacity.

He said this at the March 4th 2020 Anointing Service which held at the main auditorium of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) in Ilupeju, Lagos State.

While admonishing the congregation on the need to hold unto God for their total recover, as it has been declared for the Theme of the Month, Pastor Taiwo said that redemption and salvation are recoveries once a child of God believes in the God he or she serves that He cannot fail.

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Using the account of the sons of the prophet and their axe that fell inside the river recorded in 2 Kings 6:1-7 as example, he said that joy always follows recovery and once a life or lost possession is recovered, new beginning starts just as it happened to the sons of the prophet when the axe was miraculously floated.

“When the axe head was recovered, there was joy and work continued. You will finish well and there will be a continuous flow,” he declared.

Also speaking from I Samuel 30:8, he said that God can use the seeming common things to bring about recovery in the lives of His children just as a common slave that was left behind for death was an instrument that led David and his men to their victory.

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He further noted that the Holy Spirit is crucial to the miraculous in the lives of believers.

According to him, “The Egyptian slave and the piece of wood seem ordinary but with God, they became extraordinary. When it is God, there is no looking down on anything or anyone.”

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He, therefore, urged them not to doubt God and whatever instructions He gives them as that will lead to the total recovery just as David recovered all when he followed God’s instruction to pursue the enemy.

“When God tells you to pursue, it also means he will guide and direct you. You may not know where your recovery is coming from but it is coming,” he noted.

“David and his men pursued and they apparently went in the direction that was guided by the Holy Spirit. They met an Egyptian slave that was about to die. He was taken care of and then led them to the camp of the enemy.”