In commemoration of death and resurrection of Jesus, Pastor Taiwo at the April 9 Thursday showers said that Jesus sacrificed his life to keep the world going and to restore man to the original position of dominion.

According to him, Jesus’ decision to die is so as to save humanity, noting that that’s why He didn’t say anything while being persecuted.

“The sum totality of our lives was in consideration, that’s why He died,” he said. “He died that you and I might live; to restore our joy, protect us, and save us. He died so as to demonstrate, establish and introduce humanity to the God kind of love.”

Quoting from Matthew 23:47- 54, John 10:17- 18, Romans 5:5-10, Isaiah 54:  4-8, 1 Peter 2:24, Ezekiel 18:20 and Romans 3:23, he noted that Jesus had to die because only His blood could wash away the stain of sin imputed in man, thus making His death intentional and not accidental.

In his words, “Jesus knew no sin because he never committed a sin but came to die for us, sinners, so as to make us whole. He is the everlasting sacrifice and with his death and resurrection, there is no need for death again. He died a substitutionary death.”

Pastor Taiwo further emphasised that the death of Jesus didn’t bring salvation alone to mankind, but also peace, victory, deliverance, a definite future, eternity, safety, protection, and so many other benefits to those who accept Him and the work of salvation He did on the cross.

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“That you are alive and well today is by the grace of God. God still rules in the affairs of men that would accept Him,” he explained.

He, therefore, urged everyone especially believers to hold on totally to the complete work of salvation of Christ for them as that will make them experience and enjoy a new life even in the face of trials and challenges.

“Not that you won’t go through trials again but you will never go through it alone. There is too much to lose if one doesn’t accept this sacrifice He made,” he urged.


Reading from Matthew 27:45- 28:1-8, Pastor Taiwo at the April 12 Easter Sunday service said that the resurrection of Jesus is very much of the deal because it is the seal of all He did and achieved for humanity on the cross.

This is why, according to him, Easter is a joyful celebration.

“Easter is the greatest event in the history of man because it changed the course of the entire creation. It began the release of the new recreation of man and made more sons (Christians) for God,” he said.

Also speaking from Revelation 1:17-18, he said that Jesus’s death was primarily to take the key of death and hades, noting that believers don’t get scared of death anymore because the keys have been taken from death and God’s righteousness has been imputed on them.

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Noting the difference between Jesus’ resurrection and others, Pastor noted that every other person raised from the death both in the old and new testaments were raised by the power of God through a man and they still later died but Jesus died and rose without the influence of any man and never died nor will ever die again.

He also emphasised that Jesus’ death and resurrection put man back to his position as a son and enable God to impact His eternal life, perfect redemption and freedom to ‘Satan-dominated and enslaved’ man.

“If we must exercise dominion on earth, we must have the nature of Jesus. So His resurrection did not only cleanse you from sin but puts the nature of Christ in you,” he added.

He, thus, urged believers to know that the resurrection power is available to them if they will acknowledge and believe it.

“Resurrection opens us up and gave you the capacity to become sons of God. Easter gives you another chance to be what God made you to be,” he noted.

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