Truly, life is defined by its ups and downs and these become burdens to man but when believers cast those burdens on Jesus, they find rest.

Pastor Taiwo said this at the April 26 Sunday service while encouraging believers not to be overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic and the aftermath but to trust in God for their future.

He further said that when believers allow worry to become a major part of them, they have indirectly removed their faith in Christ.

In his words, “Truly, there is much to be worried about but they are not enough to get you worried. Don’t let worry seize you, rather cast your care on Jesus because He cares.

“So you need to make up your mind to cast your need on Jesus who will not only help you pick up but satisfy you even more than you need. If He could lay down His life for you, then there is nothing He can’t give you.”

Speaking from 1 Peter 5:7, Matthew 11-28-29, 6:24-27, he said that worry is a destroyer that leaves one despondent and gradually reduces their health and life span, stressing that it makes one removes his or her focus from God’s grace, love and wisdom.

Speaking on the difference between worrying and being concern about a situation, Pastor Taiwo said that worry makes one get stuck on the problems and get more frustrated about it to the point of gloom while being concerned about the situation doesn’t make one despondent but makes one positive and pursue a solution.

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“You will encounter burdens everywhere you go but don’t let it become a monster that will destroy you. Cast them on Jesus because He cares for you. Worry makes one forgets the God factor and it kills,” he said.

Using Hannah and the woman with the issue of blood in 1 Samuel 1 and Mark 5:26 as examples, Pastor said that the best way to cast the burden on Jesus is by acknowledging His power to take care of those burdens and with thanksgiving and supplication, put those issues in His hands (Phil 4: 6-7).

“Worry will always latch on to you but you need to make up your mind not to worry,” he urged.

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