Teaching from 2 Samuel 5, I Samuel 16, and 2 Chronicles 20, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, in his ministration at the July 5 anointing service, explained to the worshippers how both David and Jehoshaphat found themselves in difficult situations and how God deployed different strategies to deliver their victory to them. He said, “The nature of this fight is this, it is so difficult that the best of your ability will mess you up; past methods will mess you up, but rest on Him.”

The clergy, while speaking on the theme of the month, Supernatural Breakthrough, noted that in difficult situations, faith matters, even when people around do not believe that victory is assured. He also emphasized the importance of trusting in God because His word is backed by an instruction that leads to our victory. “God will always give a strategy for one to follow, it might be strange, but one must blindly obey God; trust God enough to follow Him,” he advised.

In concluding his message, Pastor Taiwo said to both his online and on-site listeners that even though they might be faced with trying situations, speaking what God has said through faith and having an attitude of faith (thanksgiving, praise and worship, laughing, singing, etc.) in the face of the difficult situation should be paramount. In his words, “There is always a word contrary to the situation, God always speaks contrary to your situation, if you do not know your word, you cannot stand in the world we are in; faith speaks what God is speaking.”

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Reported by Mary Ogundipe