Using the biblical examples of Joseph, David, Simeon and Abraham among many others who had the promises of God fulfilled in their lives despite all odds, Pastor Taiwo urged the online participants at the June 4th Thursday Showers service to believe God and take Him for His words because He will surely bring them to pass.

According to him, God’s nature is to always finish whatever He starts.

“God is a finisher. Whatever God has started in you, He will perfect it,” he said.

Speaking from Philippians 1:4-6, Luke 2:25-29 and Isaiah 46:7-10, he said that believers shouldn’t let their circumstances define or limit God, noting that if He brought them through past challenges to their present position, He would bring them to the expected end He promised them.

“Don’t define God by your circumstances,” he urged.

Pastor Taiwo further mentioned confidence and skill as part of the ingredients to succeed noting that believers shouldn’t be lazy and careless to sharpen their skill in as much as they are waiting on God’s promises.

According to him, “It takes confidence and skill to achieve greatness. You need to be skillful in whatever you do and then be confident in Christ as you go about fulfilling your purpose in life.”

He, therefore, urged them from Romans 8:35-39 to do away with fear and trust God no matter what happens.

“You will finish well in Jesus’ name. What you’re created to become in life, you will be no matter the obstacles,” he urged.

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