In continuation of the message he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo at the June 7 Sunday service reminded listeners that God always finishes whatever He starts, noting that whenever God is seen in a project, such a project is already finished.

“If it is God, there must be a finishing point,” he said.

Drawing his texts from Philippians 1:6, John 19:30, and Isaiah 26:9-10, Pastor said that delay is not a failure for a child of God, stating that God’s promise over His children will always come to pass no matter how long a time it takes.

“God doesn’t do a half job, it is not in His nature to abandon His project. Whatever He starts, He finishes. So, regardless of what you’re going through, His promise over you will come to pass,” he said.

He further said that when God is involved in a man’s case, not even death can truncate such a man’s life.

“It may look to the world that God has abandoned you but no, He cannot. He will bring to pass His promise to you because whatever He starts, He finishes. You will, therefore, finish well,” he said.

He then urged them from Isaiah 66:9 never to give in to despondency or get distracted from trusting God.

Pastor Taiwo added: “Don’t make any irrational decision. God is so interested in your case and will make sure you finish well. A man may walk away but not God. So stand up and move in faith. He will keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish.”

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