In continuation of the message he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo at the July 5 Sunday service, told the online participants that desperate times are inevitable in life but believers need to walk circumspectly by dwelling on God’s word and relying on the Holy Spirit to seize the opportunities in desperate times.

“Walking circumspectly is a good way to handle desperate times,” he said.

Speaking from Ephesians 5:15-20 and Colossians 3:16, Pastor Taiwo noted that desperate or tough times separate the strong from the weak, noting that understanding the mind of God over such times as well as living purposefully makes one live a maximized life.

In his words, “Tough times are not times to be hopeless but the time to live courageously and take advantage of the season. There are opportunities even in tough times, there is still something you can do. There are opportunities to seize even at desperate times, seize them.”

He further said that the ability to seize opportunities in desperate times comes from understanding the mind of God over any matter and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide one to take the necessary steps rather than resort to dangerous substances or solutions.

“Search through God’s word to understand His mind concerning that situation instead of panicking. The counsel you get from God’s word will bring safety, progress, and life,” he said.

He then encouraged his listeners to stay positive, prioritize God’s words, and allow the Holy Spirit direct them whenever they find themselves in desperate times.

“There’s an assignment on your life so don’t live anyhow just because things are rough now. Give God’s word attention  and be filled with His Spirit; then see how your life would be transformed and even inspire
others too,” he urged

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