God’s presence was palpable at our non-denominational Thursday Showers service this week. Here is the summary of Pastor Taiwo’s message so you can also stay connected. 


Two laws are operating on earth: The law of sin and death and the law of Spirit of life. The Law of sin and death rule all of humanity but in Christ Jesus, in whom all the law is fulfilled, we are free. The law of Spirit of life in Christ Jesus provides escape and freedom from sin. But you need to know and understand this law of freedom in Christ and constantly confess it to be able to appropriate it.

When the law of sin is subdued, every characteristic of sin (death, poverty, disease, sickness, fear and failure) is subdued and defeated. You can live above whatever the devil has to offer by accepting the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

4 Types of Laws

There are 4 laws an average man struggles with as stated in Romans 7:22-23

  1. Law of life (of the Spirit of life in their spirit)
  2. Law of sin (in their members)
  3. Law of the mind
  4. Law of sin and death 

So the only way to live above the law of sin and death is to latch on the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus; it removes the weapon of the law of sin and death which is guilt and condemnation. 

How to Live in the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus

  1. Accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour
  2. Stay in the Word of God – Meditate
  3. Watch the company you keep.
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God desires that we live like kings and walk this earth with dominion. You can have dominion over sin and finish well if you delight always in the law of God and walk in the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.


  1. God loves you dearly and is intentional about you. Deliberately spend time with Him daily.
  2. God’s economy is yours to enjoy. Stay plugged in.
  3. Choose to obey every instruction God gives to you.
  4. Keep confessing and declaring God’s Word over every area of your life.