The tongue and the heart are two major parts of the human body that are very important to an intercessor. Prayer has its roots in the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). The Lord uses any heart that yields to Him because that is the place of communion between man and God. When you intercede, you talk less of mundane things because your heart is always in tune.

Prayer should not be about showmanship or something we do to entertain people but a heart connection with God (1 Samuel 1:13). Once your heart is in sync with God, you can pray anywhere. What becomes of you ultimately in the kingdom is a function of what goes on in your heart.

3 Characteristics of an Intercessor

-A consecrated heart (Proverbs 16:1; Matthew 13; 34b – 35)

-An offence free heart (Psalms 66:18)

-A forgiving heart and a heart ready to be forgiven

Preparing your heart in purity is the first step to enhancing a viable communication link with God. This is the foundation for prayers that command answers from heaven. You need to keep auditing your thoughts through the Spirit of God.

As intercessors, you should bring yourself to the point where you continually ask God to forgive your sins and trespasses. However, don’t bring yourself to condemnation over your confessed sins. Once you repent, believe by faith that God has forgiven you because He has. Our hearts should, therefore, be set apart for the service unto the Lord.

Contributions from Participants

The heart connection is very important for intercession. No matter where you are, you can intercede.

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God can also use us as intercessors despite your feelings or tiredness once He sees that we are willing and obedient.

You tune to God’s frequency in a noisy environment by developing a consciousness of His presence whenever you are talking with Him. The more you meditate on His word, the more you practise talking with Him, the more you stay in tune. Once you are used to talking with the Holy Spirit every time, you will know when He is trying to get your attention.

Whenever a thought comes to your heart about someone, whether out of fear or as a burden, the responsible thing to do is to just whisper a prayer in your heart until peace comes. Praying is a responsible brotherly thing to do when a thought comes to your mind about someone.

Some noises can distract us from giving our attention to God. Examples are anxiety, trials, problems, etc. Anything that distracts is a noise that can hinder smooth communication with God.


LORD, create a new heart in me.


  1. God loves you dearly and is intentional about you. Deliberately spend time with Him daily.
  2. God’s economy is yours to enjoy. Stay plugged in.
  3. Choose to obey every instruction God gives to you.
  4. Keep confessing and declaring God’s word over every area of your life.

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