Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has told men to always take a stand because when they do, they set an unusual legacy for generations to come.

He said this at the first virtual rally of the Discovery for Men which took place on Sunday, August 2, 2020, at 4 pm.
Speaking on the theme of the rally, Take A Stand, the Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life  Church and President of the fellowship said that taking a stand comes with risk but the result will take care of the moment as well as define a legacy even for many generations.

“Taking a stand comes with great risk but the result would not only take care of the moment but also set a legacy for many generations yet to come,” he said.

Speaking from Ephesians 6:13-18 and using Daniel and the three Hebrew children recorded in Daniel 1:3-16; 2:1-22; 6:1-23 as illustrations, Pastor Taiwo said that every man who wants to make meaning of the mandate God has given him on earth would always be confronted with situations where he must take a stand just Daniel and his friends stood for what they believed in.

He further said that there are certain breakthroughs a man will never get except as he takes a firm decision on an issue which sometimes could be standing for or against an idea or ills in the society.

The clergyman noted that a man that would take a stand must have convictions about his faith and would not mess around with those who don’t believe in what he believes in.

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“A man that would take his stand doesn’t mess around with those who don’t believe what he believes and he doesn’t take a stand without convictions,” he said. “You don’t take a stand to impress people or for immediate gratification. Taking a stand must be borne out of conviction and on the ground of principles.”

Pastor Taiwo also told the men that they’ve been created with dominion and this requires them to always take a stand, noting that the system would always work towards neutralizing them, trying to render them totally irrelevant and insignificant.

Taking a stand, therefore, according to him, can be easier achieved when they allow God in their lives and affairs of their lives and urged them not to be weary in standing firm on good and godly courses.

The event also had in attendance, Mr. Simon Kolawole, Founder and Chief executive officer of Cable Newspaper Limited, who shared his experience with men to reveal how men should always have a sincere and frank discussion with God whenever they find themselves in turbulent times.



Mr. Simon Kolawole of The Cable Newspaper was also in attendance.

According to him, there are times a man would feel helpless and abandoned just like it happened to Jesus’ disciples during the boisterous storm where Jesus was asleep in the sheep as recorded in mark 4:15-16 but that’s when they should go to God for clarity so as to get the solution.

“Talk to Him face to face. Don’t pretend. He will surely address the issue and give you a solution,” he said.

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Life and business strategist and coach, Steve Harris also gave a pep talk on how men can discover and fulfil their purpose as they take a stand in the world.

Using an illustration where he categorized life into days of the week, Steve Harris said that ages 0-10 is the Monday of one’s life where gifts and talents should be discovered.

Ages 11-20 is the Tuesday of life where the talents and gifts discovered should be practiced while ages 21-
30 is the Wednesday of life which typifies the season of performance.

“This is where you begin to perform what you’ve practiced and begin to put your talent on display,” he said.
He further classified ages 31-40 as the Thursday of life which is the season of mastery.

At this season, according to him, one’s name should begin to identify or define an industry. Ages 41-50 which is the Friday of life is the season of mentoring and multiplication where one should be pouring oneself out in vessels and not concerned about who gets the credit.

Saturday consists of ages 51-60 and it’s the season of returns, recreation, and rebrand where one’s work should be speaking for one and the investment working for one.



Steve Harris speaking during the event.

He likens ages 61-70 as the Sunday of life which is the season of rest and rejuvenation while 71 above is on the public holiday of life.

He however stated that one can either be ahead of or behind one’s season depending on variables, noting that having the understanding of whichever season one finds him or herself is important so as to know how to move to the next season of life.

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“You need to know your season and how to pull out to use what God has deposited in you,” he urged

The event also witnessed an electrifying worship session with Pastor Nathaniel Bassey who heralded the online participants into the heavenly realms with his several songs.




Singer, Nathaniel Bassey during the Discovery for Men rally, The Fountain of Life Church.


Reported by Becky Olorunpomi