God’s Covenant is with believers and will grant them victory at all times, Pastor Taiwo reminded Fountaineers at the August 2020 Anointing Service.

Pastor Taiwo took his texts from the book of Isaiah chapter 59 verses 19 – 21 and 1 Sam chapter 17: verse 1 – 35.

According to him, the enemy can only be afraid when he sees how God is dealing with you, stressing that the enemy does not come like a flood but rather, the Spirit of the Lord is the one that comes like a flood.

“No matter the situation tormenting us in any area of our lives, the time has come for them to flee,” he declared.

He also narrated the Red Sea experience of the children of Israelites and Pharaoh, when they left Egypt.

He said that whatever situation one sees in the lives of God’s children; be it, healing, deliverance, etc, it is His covenant with them. Pastor Taiwo assured Christians that any day, anytime, God rises on behalf of His children because of the covenant.

“He will cause every one of our enemies and situations to bow,” he added.

From the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel chapter 17, Pastor Taiwo also said that God orchestrated everything so that David will enter the camp in obedience to his father’s errand when Goliath was bragging and threatening the children of Israelites.

David took up the challenge and answered him like a covenant child that he is, he narrated, adding that he did not speak defeat but rather victory.

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“He knew who he was and had several encounters in the wilderness while watching the sheep with bear and lion,” the pastor added. “He knew the war was a covenant war and therefore took it up bodily.

The clergyman reminded believers that God will not break His own side of the covenant them as His children, stating that one way to experience victory in the Lord is to boast in His covenant and power.

He encouraged believers not to be afraid of the curses of the enemy, noting that if there is no cause, it will surely not come upon them.

“Goliath curses had no effect on David. They were merely distractions. But David won by depending on the Spirit of God and by speaking His word all through,” he added.