Hello Honourable,

Our Anointing service for August was awesome. Here is an excerpt from Pastor Taiwo’s sermon to help you stay connected with God’s covenant victory for you.

The Fountain of Life Church


God’s covenant is ever binding because He would always rise up on behalf of His children. God will always bring glory to His name whenever His children experience victory. This will also make the world fear Him (Isaiah 59:19-21).

As a child of God, God will sometimes orchestrate events in order to bring victory to you. This sometimes would also give rise to oppositions even from quarters you don’t expect. But if you can be bold to confront those oppositions, then your victory will materialize (1 Samuel 17:28-30).

This is why as a covenant child of God, you have to always be covenant minded and speak positively to your life. Covenant doesn’t speak defeat.


You will enjoy this covenant victory by boasting in the Lord who has promised you the victory; speaking positively; walking away from distractions; being covenant minded and confronting your giants with the assurance of your victory (1Corinthians 1:31).

Arise! It’s time to shine. Your light has come. There are things that would scare you but you need to rise up, speak boldly to your challenges, and be assured that God will not fail His part of the deal.

Also, keep in mind:

1. God loves you dearly and is intentional about you. Deliberately spend time with Him daily.

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2. God’s economy is yours to enjoy. Stay plugged in.

3. Choose to obey every instruction God gives to you.

4. Keep confessing and declaring God’s word over every area of your life.