Onsite services resumed at The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju on Sunday, August 30th, 2020, and in strict compliance to safety protocols following months of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As early as 7 am, worshippers were seen trouping into the Church’s premise with their families and loved ones.

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Before the resumption of onsite services, the Church premises and auditorium were fumigated, handwash basins and soaps strategically placed at the entrance, also.

At the Church entrance, worshippers had their temperature checked just as they were mandated to wear face masks before entry.


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Inside the Church auditorium, worshippers were adequately spaced out, a move aimed at adhering to the social distancing guideline.

There were also no handshakes, and hugs among the worshippers even as several inscriptions were placed at the entrance of the main auditorium to educate congregants about the preventive protocols in place.

Two services – 7 am and 10 am – were held that day with the Senior Pastor of the Church, Taiwo Odukoya, urging the congregants to “go forward.”

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Pastor Taiwo while admonishing the 500 congregants and those who followed the Sunday service virtually from Exodus 14:15, said God loves to see His children progress in all spheres of life, noting that is the reason He told Moses to tell the children of Israel to go forward.

“You are a king on earth. You must get going against all odds and find a balance to move forward,” the clergyman said.

“You must stand still in spite of all the challenges before you; declaring freedom. The lockdown has locked down the minds of some people but it is time to move forward.”

According to him, God has commanded the progress of His children and no devil’s scheme or actions can stop them from moving forward, just as nothing or no one could stop the children of Israel from moving forward as He commanded them.

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The pastor further noted that such believers need to know and understand God’s desires and instructions about their lives to be able to achieve this.