Explaining on how to respond to all the happenings in the country in the past few weeks, Pastor Taiwo, in his ministration at the October 25 Sunday service, likened the burdens in the hearts of Nigerian youths and their recent reactions against brutalities, injustice and wickedness to the days of Habakkuk where evil, wickedness and injustice abound; noting that God’s response to such outcries is to raise someone who would deliver His will and intentions.

Speaking from Habakkuk 2:1, Habakkuk 1:1-4 and 1 Samuel 17:34-36, Pastor said that when God wants to work, He uses men; where men are not available He turns to women and where women are found wanting, He turns to children and youths. These, the clergy said, have been His ways in the Bible.

The clergy revealed that God will deal with everyone involved in the abuse of power in the country. In his words, “What we have seen in the past few weeks is the beginning of what God will do in Nigeria. God has started His work of redemption in Nigeria and He will complete it. He will deal with every form of violence, promotion of evil and occultism in Nigeria.”

Pastor advised Nigerian youths to give peace a chance with a further position that they should be assured that government would look into their demands. He also urged the Nigerian Government to provide platform for young leaders who would decisively tackle issues of youth unemployment, homelessness and abject poverty in the nation.

He finally urged believers to ask for His mercy by faith. “We need God’s mercy for our nation so that the lives our youths can be preserved. Just as Habakkuk pleaded for His mercy also, we need to ask for His mercy for our nation,” he urged.

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