The Christian life must be lived intentionally. Pastor Taiwo stated this at the October 13 Sunday service. He noted that the words of a Christian carry power and so must be used to serve the divine purpose.

Citing the example of Jesus who rebuked the storm by His words (in Mark 4), he emphasised that, as Christians, we have all been given the same authority. Recalling the series of events in the text scripture—from calming the storm to delivering the demon-possessed man, Pastor Taiwo noted that Jesus just spoke on each occasion to change the prevailing situation.

He then urged believers to constantly speak the Word of God to every situation they are confronted with. “It is time to take authority over your domain. Begin to speak God’s Word into your situation,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo challenged the congregation not to expect Jesus to come cast out devils or heal sicknesses since He has already finished it all, and enjoined them to rather speak God’s words into their lives and thus speak the authority of God into the situations. “You have been given the authority to bind and cast out devils and sicknesses. Where the Word is established, nothing can overturn it,” he said.

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