The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, has described the  Church as God’s touchpoint in any nation.

He also insisted that the state of the church determines the condition of any nation, stressing that when God wants to judge a nation, He starts by judging the church.

“If anything goes wrong and you humble yourself and pray, God will reverse it,” Pastor Taiwo said during the Sunday service of November 1, 2020. “Don’t be deceived, God has His people everywhere and the church is the point of contact for God in any nation.”

“When you take your place as to where God has kept you, no man or the devil will be able to stand against you.”

–Loosing Without Prayer–

In the sermon captioned, “The Church And The Nations,” the 64-year-old took his reference from 2 Chronicles 7:1,12-14, Mathew 16:19, and Mathew 18:18.

Making reference to Solomon as the wisest man that ever lived, the clergyman explained that when leaders don’t pray, they lose.

While expressing unhappiness that the Church had reduced itself to seeking help from those in political offices and in government, he charged the Church to rise up and become a solution to the nation.

This is as he, however, condemned the level of pride among some persons in positions of authority both within and outside the church.

“You don’t know a man until he gets to a position of authority,” he said.

Also, Pastor Taiwo reminded the worshippers that God recognises their voice and that every bit of the word of God is true. God, he assured Fountainers, will vindicate them, and His mercies will not depart from them.

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— Missing It —

While also noting that God loves excellence and expects His Children to exhibit such character wherever they are, he warned the worshippers that having it without God is nothing.

“Where excellence becomes priority above God, you have missed it,” the petroleum engineer added.