Speaking extensively on the conference’s theme, Possessing Your Possession, Rev Dr Tunde Bolanta, the Apostolic Overseer of the Restoration Ministries Worldwide and guest minister on the second day of the 2021 Word Explosion Conference, delivered a powerful and insightful message with scriptures drawn from the Books of Obadiah 1:7; Numbers 13:30-33.

The clergy reminded his listeners that when the children of Israel were confronted with giants and enemies, even without a contest, they already saw themselves as failures even though God had promised them the land.

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He noted that even as believers today, there are enemies who will contend with what God has promised us, but we are assured of victory. “In the promised land we are to possess, there are giants and enemies, but we are not alone,” he said.

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Rev. Bolanta stressed that the most important thing a person must do to possess their possession is to establish a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ because everything a believer gets is on account of the Blood.

Other points he noted are as follows:

  1. Possess your possession because the Blood of Jesus has blotted away your sin and given you a new identity. “Everything Jesus won for us through His Blood belongs to us today. If you don’t know that you are one with God, you can’t possess your possession,” he said. Rev Bolanta, however, admonished believers to come boldly before the throne no matter the sense of inferiority they feel. He added that the Blood of Jesus gets rid of every failure of your past and the lies of the devil. “You are good enough because of the Blood of Jesus,” he said.
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  1. Possess your possession by a revelation of where you are in Christ now. (Eph. 1:19-23, Eph. 2:6, Col. 1:12-14) Rev Tunde Bolanta noted that when Jesus died and resurrected, we did the same with Him because we are one with Him. In his words, “Where you are seated determines a lot about life. When you are seated with Him, you are far above all. You have authority over any principality or demonic power. You are seated with Christ far above them.”
  1. You need to possess your possession by the revelation that the Blood of Jesus and His wounds cancelled every sickness against you. (Psalm 103:1-4) According to the clergy, “sin is the mother of sickness.” But the moment sin was taken care of, sickness too was taken care of on the cross. He said that God, in His mercy, decided to give us redemption. “For God, forgiveness and healing is one and the same thing,” he said. Rev Bolanta also urged believers not to major so much on what the devil is doing and forget about the mercy of God. He then prayed that “everything killing and destroying in the world will pass over you and yours because of the Blood. You need to make much of the Blood of Jesus and His mercy.”
  1. Possess your possession by the revelation of your deliverance from danger through the Blood. (Psalm 103:4; Isaiah 43:1-4) Insisting that Jesus is our substitute, Reverend Bolanta stated that deliverance from danger is part of the believer’s redemption. He, however, reminded them that tests will always come when a believer wants to possess his or her possession. He advised that they must have the Word of God readily stored up in their hearts for that time when tests arise.
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  1. Possess your possession by honouring grace. (2 Chronicles 20:18-23) Grace in this wise, according to the clergy, are people that God has placed over your life. “You need to recognise the grace upon the lives of the people God has placed over you,” he said. He admonished his listeners not to be one of those who think they do not need anybody simply because they are born-again. “There are certain things that won’t happen if you are not connected to your local assembly,” he noted.
  1. The force of joy is an important key if you want to possess your possession. (Isaiah 12:3) The man of God advised believers not to dwell on life’s issues troubling them but rather to praise God and laugh at the troubles. In his words, “If God is laughing over the situation troubling you, you also need to be laughing over that situation.” He used the example of Paul and Silas, who were jailed for preaching the gospel, noting that they also prayed like most believers would. However, not many would sing praises in such painful or difficult situations. “When you have made your petition, you need to lift your hands and give Him praise,” he urged. 
  1. You possess your possession by acting on the Word of God. (Josh.1:8; Prov.4:20-22; Rom.4:20-21; Job 23:14; Eph. 3:20) Rev Tunde Bolanta rounded up his message by stressing the need for believers to act on the Word of God. He noted that most believers pray with the mindset of telling God how He should answer their prayers. But he insisted that Faith without corresponding action is dead. Using the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8:43-48, the clergy noted that despite the odds stacked up against her, she still took action to get healed-which showed that she believed. 
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Reported by Iboro Tonye-Edet

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