Continuing his message on The Church and the Nation- The Comfort of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the November 15 Sunday First Service, told the Church that God doesn’t just give an assignment without preparing and equipping the individual for it.

He said this, noting that God has called His own people (the Church) to a place of responsibility to pray for their nation and their homes and to walk in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Only then will they increase and have peace.

Reading from the Book of Ephesians 4:9-16, Pastor Taiwo emphasised the need for believers to
function and contribute to the growth of their individual homes, local assemblies, and even the nation. He noted that every individual has been equipped and prepared fully by God to work and build the body.

“Anywhere you find yourself, build. Your vocation is a ministry and God must be glorified there. You have something to contribute. We all need your part to be perfected,” he said.

He cautioned against division in the body, as this would give the devil access to cause chaos and destruction in our places of assignment. “Don’t be an agent of division and destruction. If there is division, you will be giving the devil the key.”

The preacher went on to remind the church that once an individual is aligned to God’s calling in his or her life and they walk in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, God will make perfect their imperfection, fight their battles and they will hold their peace.

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He gave examples from the Old Testament of men who knew that their life’s assignment would be futile without the presence of the Holy Spirit. David, in spite of his flaws, knew what was most important to his life’s calling- the Holy Spirit (Psalm 51:11).

Moses couldn’t have fulfilled his calling in life without the presence of God (Holy Spirit) going with him (Exodus 33 12-15).

If these fathers of faith knew the importance of having the presence of God to fulfilling their purpose in life, how much more today’s believers who have the Holy Spirit living in them?

Pastor Taiwo noted that beyond the Holy Spirit living in us, we live a hybrid life.

“You are joined in union with Christ Jesus. It is a life with God that cannot be separated. When you see yourself that way, you will stand your ground and occupy where God has put you,” he said.

Pastor, therefore, urged believers from Jeremiah 29:7, to pray and seek the peace and the prosperity of their home, churches, and the nation, because this totally depends on them, noting that only then will they be established and multiply.

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Did you know that the peace, prosperity, and increase in your life, family, church, and nation
totally depend on you? As goes the man/woman, goes the home; as goes the home, goes
the Church; as goes the Church, goes the nation. As a child of God, you have a role to play in
contributing to the building of the home, the church, and the nation.

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