Sharing from Psalm 137:1-4, Pastor Dapo Williams while ministering at the January 28 Thursday
Showers said that songs are spiritual and whenever God’s children engage in spiritual songs to
their Father, there is always a supernatural shaking in the camp of the enemy.

“When God’s children sing, it destabilizes the kingdom of darkness because you can be provoked to release something into the enemy’s camp. Deliverance comes through songs. As a child of God, you must sing to God. You can’t know Him and not sing,” he said.

Also speaking from 2 Chronicles 20:21-22, Isaiah 54:1, Job 38:7, and Amos 5:23, he admonished the congregation to turn their challenges into a song; noting that it disallows negative manipulations over them.

According to him, “If you want to see the supernatural, sing a song. Put a song to that challenge. When you sing the Lord’s song, ventilation comes into your heart, you feel robust from inside, the things you call trouble will lose their authority to be able to manipulate your mind.”

He concluded in his message by saying that a good way to attack fear is to sing; stating that
when a believer does this, God invades the heart of the believer.

“No matter what you are going through, just have this application and put a song to it. When you want God to fight, invite Him through a song. When you sing, you say to the spirit realm, ‘I want God to declare His abilities,’” he stated.