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Pastor Yemisi Akindolie 

There is a plan, a purpose and much more. God has called every believer for a purpose through His own will irrespective of whatever circumstances such believers may be going through.

Pastor Yemisi Akindolie of The Fountain of Life, TFOLC, stated this during her admonition to the congregation at the February 7 Sunday second service.

“You are divinely appointed according to the plan of God. You may not look like it now, but God has chosen you and there is no strategist that can beat God’s own,” she said.

Speaking from 1 Corinthians 1:1-3, the clergy said that every location has its own characteristics which are made to suit the creature – the characteristics of water are made to suit the fish and that of the air made to suit the bird.

“In the same manner, the characteristics that will suit humans as God’s creatures is where they have been located but having a fulfilled and thriving life is only located in Christ.

“God created us and located us where we will thrive best and that location is in Christ no matter where you are located physically,” she said.

The clergy further hinted that there are numerous possessions God wants His children to possess, and He has given them the needed equipment (requirements) to mine deep; noting that the Holy Ghost is the helper that will help them to effectively mine those treasures.

“God has given you equipment fitted to mine the treasures and possessions He has for you. You can fulfill your divine appointment through Christ who strengthens you,” she noted.

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She therefore urged them to fulfil the purpose of Christ for them wherever they find themselves, leveraging on the help of the Holy Spirit and God’s word.

“When you walk in the fullness of His plan with all He has appointed for you to fulfill purpose according to His plan and will with the help of the Holy Spirit, the power of His word and by faith, then you are walking on the face of the earth as He wants you to,” she urged.