Any time God visits a man, He brings a turnaround of fortunes and a change of levels beyond what humans can comprehend.

This was the crux of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s message during the Anointing Service held on Wednesday, May 05, 2021.

“When it is God, it is goodness, it is mercy and your path drips with abundance,” he stated. “When you think everything is gone, just a drop of His mercy changes things in the same place where they thought life will never rise again!”

He explained that the visitation of God as captured in the theme of the month for May (Psalm 126:1-3) is all-encompassing as it also comes with judgment for the wicked.

The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church who took his Bible text for the day from Psalm 65:9-13 noted that joy is one of the major things that God brings to anyone He visits.

“When God comes, joy breaks loose,” the cleric declared during the service which was held online and onsite, charging the congregants to always speak positively and in line with the word of God irrespective of the condition they find themselves.

‘Don’t Stop Speaking The Word’

“What you are saying will determine the turnaround of your situation,” he added, reminding them that not to let the devil allow them to speak negatively about their problems.

“No matter how bad it looks, don’t stop speaking the word,” Pastor Taiwo told the congregant.

God’s visitation on any man, the preacher explained, comes with freedom from the shackles of the enemy, stating that bondages are broken and burdens lifted when God visits His people.

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“In the day of visitation, captivities don’t hold,” the cleric said. “These are the days.”

To fully maximize God’s promises, he admonished believers to exercise faith and trust in God’s word.

“Anything God has concluded for you can only be actualized by faith,” the 64-year-old noted. “The just shall live by taking God at His word!”

Reported by Emmanuel Egobiambu.