When God calls a man, they will see and hear great and mighty things they ordinarily wouldn’t have seen with their physical eyes.

These were the words of the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) during his sermon on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

In his reading taken from Jeremiah 33:3, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya told the worshippers, “When you put the gifts of God to work in your life, you will see clearly, and you will hear clearly.”

When this happens, he says it will motivate them to be thankful. He explained that the context of the scripture was that the Prophet Jeremiah was imprisoned for speaking up against the evil the King was doing in Israel.

The preacher said Jeremiah must have felt abandoned, confined, and in a tight place. But he knew who and whose he was, so God sent that word to him—to call on Him, and He (God) would show him things, he noted.

Moving from the old to the New Testament, Pastor Taiwo demonstrated to his congregation a similar incident in Acts 16:16-40 when Paul and Silas were imprisoned. Rather than remain despondent, he said they called on God by praying and singing praises to Him, and God answered them with an earth-shaking response.

He encouraged the worshippers to do the same, saying they should always call on God irrespective of the situation. “The devil will always give you a reason not to pray, but Jesus has commanded that men should always pray and not faint,” he said.

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Other scripture references for the sermon were taken from Psalms 91:14–15, 50:15, and Matthew 7:8–9.

Before the message, Pastor Yemisi Akindolie read the Promise for the Week, taken from Matthew 19:29. She reminded the congregation of God’s promise to bless those who make sacrifices for Him.

“If you make God’s business your business; if you make any sacrifices for His Namesake, you will reap a hundredfold,” she said.

According to her, no one who joins forces with God will be forsaken; God, she continued, will surely reward them as He promised. She, therefore, encouraged the congregation not to feel they had lost anything by sacrificing time, money, etc., for God. He will surely reward them, she maintained.