Pastor Lara Adesanya of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has urged believers never to be discouraged in life’s journey, no matter how the journey seems.

According to the clergywoman, life is a journey, and though there may be different routes and designated companions at each stage, the journey is temporal.

While addressing the congregation at the April 24 Sunday first service, the cleric, who referenced Deuteronomy 31:6, noted that sometimes the journey may be arduous with no end in sight, with an addition that believers may sometimes even miss their ways. Still, one thing they should never forget is that God is the one that goes through the journey with them and that they should be rerouted back to the right track once they discover they’ve missed their way.

Talking about the different companions in life’s journey, the woman of God highlighted different categories of companions as parents, spouses, siblings, friends, workers and co-workers, even as she stated that while some were chosen by free will, others were imposed.

The cleric then noted that irrespective of whom these companions are and how well-meaning they may be, they are not infallible and may mar or facilitate one’s life’s journey.

She emphasized that the Holy Spirit is the only companion on life’s journey that can never fail.

In her words: “How much of the Holy Spirit we carry determines how well nurtured we will be on this journey of life”.

Pastor Lara Adesanya further admonished her listeners to embrace their uniqueness and focus on their journeys rather than comparing themselves with others.

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She also encouraged them never to be deterred by whatever challenges they face along the way because there will always be one.

Giving the example of the story of Joseph, whose life journey was characterized by different temptations and challenges on his journey but remained focused and eventually became the deliverer of his entire family, and also drawing reference from the story of Daniel and the three Hebrew boys, the woman of God noted that the decisions taken during life’s journey can either make or mar the outcome.

Hence, believers need the help of the Holy Spirit to always make the right decisions in life, she added.

In her conclusion, the woman of God insisted that what determines the success of the believer’s journey is the help of the Holy Spirit and alignment with the word of God.

She enjoined the congregants to build a relationship with God and constantly commune with the Holy Spirit to succeed in life’s journey.